Elliott Cost

Bloomberg Ticker

Designing an accessible markets ticker

Our team saw an opportunity to make the ticker bar at the top of Bloomberg’s website more accessible and useful to users. Through user research we determined that the ticker’s automatic scrolling behavior and colors made it difficult to read and navigate.

Old ticker bar
Redesigned ticker bar

Market data at a glance

I redesigned the ticker to convey the most amount of useful information at a quick glance. To make it more readable, I updated the colors to be WCAG compliant and set the ticker on a gray background to differentiate it from the rest of the navigation. I also designed a new pagination system for the ticker that gives users more control, is easier to navigate, and adapts to various screen sizes.

Redesigned ticker bar (compact version) at various screen sizes

Charting the market's daily history

For users that read Bloomberg's markets coverage, I designed a version of the ticker that displays today's market changes with sparklines.

Throughout this process our team tested our assumptions in various user studies to make sure that this updated version would be in the best interest of our readers. I also worked with the mobile app team to implement these new sparklines and accessibility updates on Bloomberg's mobile app.

Redesigned ticker bar
Redesigned ticker bar (sparkline version) at various screen sizes

Outcomes & Impact

This redesign had a direct impact on how users interact with and perceive Bloomberg News. After implementing the new ticker, we saw a 136% increase in the fraction of sessions when a user clicked a ticker over the old ticker bar. We were also able to achieve our goal of making Bloomberg's ticker accessible to a wider audience.

A photo of Bloomberg's homepage on an iPhone.